“Rae, I feel enormously grateful and lucky to stumble upon you… Besides the fact that you helped my son and opened a door for us to what’s available, I don’t often cross path with people so dedicated to the cause of helping those in their care. I cannot express my gratitude and what I feel inside enough…our journey is not over and I’m not saying goodbye, just saying thank you for you being you…I want you to know that you not only put my son on the healing path, but you helped me to survive and showed ways to navigate. Please be safe and stay healthy”

–A Mom

“I have come an incredible distance since the time when I felt depression was the only truth in my life. I have an immense amount of gratitude for Rae, for my own uniqueness, which I once hated, and for my simple existence on this planet..”


“The best part is that I came to you to prepare for my college auditions and I am CONVINCED that because of my work with you, I was accepted into my top two schools. Both of them were fairly difficult academically as well as artistically to get into. Getting in was such an amazing relief and a wonderful feeling.”

–Chris Click here to hear more about Chris’s experience

“Nothing that I have found in my 30 year career has helped me nearly as much as my work with Rae Tattenbaum.”

–John Cheek, internationally renouned bass-baritone, Metropolitan Opera
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Be the person you know you can be!

Do you or someone you know struggle with…

  • Attention or Learning Issues
  • Anxiety or Mood Swings
  • Sadness, Dark Thoughts or Depression
  • Difficulty Performing in Stressful Situations

Has the Pandemic triggered memories of an earlier trauma?

Are you having trouble adjusting to working from home?

Are you having difficulty staying on task?

The Inner Act Program, developed by Rae Tattenbaum, combines traditional therapeutic techniques with visualization, one-on-one coaching and the latest tools in Neurofeedback training to unlock the brain’s amazing abilities for healing and optimization.

Neurofeedback Therapy is a powerful tool that directly accesses the brain, training it towards balance and optimal functioning.

Inner Act is now seeing clients via Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. Whether you decide to work with Rae using Inner Act’s Tools for Change: Traditional talk therapy, visualization and coaching exercises, or you rent a NeurOptimal Personal Trainer to experience the effects of Training your Brain through Neurofeedback, our work together will continue to be timely, confidential and effective.

“Our work is about variability in the brain. Variability occurs during inattention, anxiety, fear, restless thoughts, rumination and other states that medications address temporarily, but Neurofeedback is able to go to the source of the variability, show the brain what it is doing wrong, and train it to do things a better way from then on.”

Learn More about the Inner Act Program for addressing:

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Rae Tattenbaum and the Inner Act Program

Rae Tattenbaum, LCSW, is a psychotherapist who has been working with Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for over 25 years. One of the pioneers in the use of Neurofeedback, she is a recognized leader and teacher of professionals in the field. The Inner Act Program is the integration and culmination of her experience and insight into working with issues related to the balanced and optimal functioning of the nervous system. Inner Act is located in West Hartford, CT and provides services enhanced by Neurofeedback therapy for the New York, Connecticut and New England area.