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  • "In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used."

    -- Frank Duffy MD
    Director of the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory at Children's Hospital, a Harvard Medical School- affiliated institution

    Release your child or yourself from mood swings, sadness and excessive worry!

    Bypass "talking cures" and "cognitive explanations" with Brain Based Training!

    Do you or your child:

    • Suffer from pain, body aches, trembling, headaches?
    • Experience mood swings, sadness, irritation, explosive outbursts?
    • Feel as if you have to be constantly on alert?
    • Hate to get out of bed and face the world? Or have to take a nap upon returning home?
    • Struggle with what is termed as "bipolar" mood swings?
    • Respond to life as if you are still in your childhood?
    • Continue to replay 9/11 or another traumatic event?
    • Overreact to "small things" or criticism?
    • Find that medication is no longer helping?

    Experiences are stored in the body and frozen into our brains.  Rationally, one may feel that they have talked and moved past these experiences. Yet, they remain as if embedded in our programming. At Inner Act we utilize tools that can bypass the talking and rational mind. The software identifies when fixed patterns begin to re-emerge. Within a millisecond, there is an interruption in the repetitive pattern.

    Our rational minds are not able to identify accurately the triggers for the lack of emotional balance. Instead we create narratives and explanations that fill the therapy session.  At Inner Act, these tools reveal the frozen state. Every session begins with focus on the most recent changes followed by either an exercise or dialogue. As the Neurofeedback training progresses you are coached to mindfully observe your mind and body's responses gently bringing yourself back to "being present".

    In between sessions, you are asked to send a text or email tracking your observations and any feelings that are released. As you continue to attend these sessions the old patterns are released. The releases are either physiological (Body sensations) and moving images or different thoughts. With time, a transformative ability to hold on to a state of calmness, resilience, attentiveness and hopefulness grows.

    Help with cultivating emotional balanceStress and Fear
    Anxiety and Depression

    Everyday life is filled with pressure, deadlines, and uncertainty. While you may be able to "handle it" most of the time, there is often a cost ranging from a general inability to truly enjoy life, to the extreme of living with mood shifts that make it nearly impossible to live a happy, productive life.

    Anxiety, depression, stress and fear are the body and mind's response to any pressure that disrupts its normal balance. It occurs when our perception of events doesn't meet our expectations and we are unable to manage our reaction. It may seem as though outside events are the source of the disturbance, but in fact these imbalances are really caused by our emotional reactions to events.

    Inner Act's Optimal Performance Program will show you how to open your mind and conquer anxiety, depression, stress and fear safely, cultivating emotional balance without drugs, using advanced Neurofeedback techniques.

    Take This Simple Test:

    1. Do you have trouble sleeping, or, on the other extreme, do you hate to get out of bed and face the world?
    2. Do you lack energy?
    3. Do you frequently or always feel anxious, nervous, or panicky?
    4. Have you lost interest in things you once enjoyed?
    5. Do you feel sad, depressed, or "down" most of the time, especially when you are unoccupied?
    6. Do stressful situations give you headaches, body aches, or an upset stomach?
    7. Do you dread social contact? Do you think that you don't "fit in"?
    8. Do small things "set you off"?
    9. Do you have uncontrollable feelings of hopelessness and despair that last for long periods of time?
    10. Do you cry easily and often?

    If you answered yes to many of the above questions, then you should seek treatment.

    "I have come an incredible distance since the time when I felt depression was the only truth in my life. I have an immense amount of gratitude for Rae, for my own uniqueness, which I once hated, and for my simple existence on this planet.."

    Click here to read a story about a client who suffered with severe depression and anxiety, Jennifer's Story.

    How Does Inner Act's Program Help?

    Anxiety, mood swings, sadness and fear become entrenched patterns in the brain. Repetitive thoughts, irritations, sadness, judgments and patterns are "locked" in the brain's timing. Thus the initial response to change and to the environment becomes "fixed". Most people see these reactions as normal or unchangeable but, in fact, it is quite possible to reprogram your responses and clear out these old, stuck patterns using an effective approach for cultivating emotional balance.

    In the Optimal Performance Program, you will learn the Relaxation Process and concurrently begin your Neurofeedback training. Your brain will use visual and auditory information to re-organize itself and release old patterns of "stuckness". The result is effortless. Fears, anxieties and mood instabilities will begin to diminish. You will feel more clear and present in your daily life, experiencing a greater ability for focus and awareness and an increased sense of lightness and joy. The training also utilizes Mental Imagery, Open FocusĀ®, Inner Journey work, and Coaching. To learn more about these components click here.

    Neurofeedback treatment for mood issuesThe Stressed Child
    Stress and anxiety are not limited to adults.

    Pressure to succeed, frequent exposure to graphic violence, low self esteem and an unrelenting array of social pressures are causing children to experience the harmful effects of stress - and it's happening earlier and earlier in their lives. Psychologists and psychiatrists across the nation have attributed this growing phenomenon to the unrelenting pressure being exerted on today's youth by the society they live in.

    In his four part series for the Hartford Courant (December 15 -18, 2006) entitled "Generation Stress," Andrew Julien explains that children are showing up "close to tears in the offices of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers" or worse, in hospital emergency rooms. He states that these children are "debilitated by depression, overwhelmed by anxiety, desperate to get back to the simple joys of childhood."

    "If this were an infectious disease, we would call it an epidemic." says Joseph Woolston, Chief of Child Psychiatry at Yale-New Haven Hospital.


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