The McHenry Family Story

It’s difficult to know where to begin. My son was referred to Rae for performance anxiety. He had been diagnosed with ADD but also suffered from general anxiety, which was a lethal combination. It was difficult to determine whether his lack of attention was due to true ADD or his general anxiety. He started seeing Rae and we saw improvement pretty quickly. One thing I noticed and appreciated immediately is that she treated my son as if he was incredibly special and grown-up. With ADD he had gotten accustomed to a lot of adults treating him like a “naughty boy” or unimportant because he didn’t perform well in school. He responded to Rae immediately and felt comfortable talking to her.

Unfortunately within a month of him starting treatment, a much-beloved grandfather passed away. This caused my son a setback, but we kept persevering with Rae. Within another month, we decided that we needed to move the family to England for a new career opportunity for my husband. My husband had to start work in February in London and we decided that I would stay behind in CT to let the children finish the school year.

As you can imagine, the compound stress of all of these events was phenomenal. Pretty soon my son was begging me to see Rae because he told me it would make me feel better. I was so stressed I felt as though I did not have an hour to spare, but I went to Rae to make my son happy. Well! I was amazed at how much calmer I felt after the treatment. Soon my daughter was also going to Rae. She was having trouble coping with the stress of the move and was also preparing for her Karate Black Belt test, which she was very nervous about.

All I can say is that I don’t know how my family would have coped during this extraordinarily difficult time if it weren’t for Rae. Not only did the biofeedback help us to keep our emotions in check, but her genuine care and kindness was remarkable. She forged a very special bond with my son which I know he treasures.

Personally, I feel like the biofeedback just helped me to keep my emotions within a smaller, more manageable range of variability. Prior to starting with Rae I was having a lot of difficulty with nerves and anxiety about the move and the death. I would lie in bed at night and my mind would spin and I could not stop it. It was starting to affect me physically. With Rae I was able to stay calm and focused and just move through the process. I am constantly getting comments from friends like “I don’t know how you maintained your composure after all you have been through this year.

However one comment I think says it all. We were recently out for dinner with friends and all our children. One of my friends was watching my son and turned to me and said, “There is something different about him……don’t take this the wrong way but he seems much happier and “lighter”‘. I thought it was amazing that the improvement in my son’s demeanor is even noticeable to other people.

We are now living in England and my son (and daughter) have coped extremely well with all of the changes. My son no longer suffers from anxiety and is like a completely different child. As I said to Rae, “It is so wonderful for my husband and I to have this “normal” child. He’s not perfect, but he’s just normal, which he never quite has been in the past. We are thoroughly enjoying him. He’s so talkative now that it makes me wonder if he’s had all these wonderful thoughts all along and just never shared them with us.

I am forever grateful to Rae for giving us our son back and for her warmth and caring. I honestly cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Karen McHenry