What Parents Say

“If you are seeking alternatives to medication, or to reduce the amount of medication that you or your child is taking, Rae is the person to speak to. For the past five years, the teachers have complained James wasn’t focused. This year he received a glowing report card: He’s attentive, focused, and organized! Compared to past reports it’s almost as if they are talking about a different child, and I suppose in a sense they are! Thank You!”
—A West Hartford Parent

“We are happy with the results we have seen in our son, Russell, (age 13) since he began biofeedback therapy at Inner Act. Russell has had difficulty maintaining attention in school, organizing his tasks and completing his homework. His difficulties have led to conflict and stress at home.

“Having tried other alternatives and explored the possibility of Dexedrine we feel that coming to Inner Act was the best solution for our son.

“Biofeedback training provided valuable insight determining the initial difficulties that Russell has faced. The training program that Rae has pursued with has improved his homework completion and has alleviated much of the stress at home about school.

“Russell truly enjoys his sessions with Rae and responds well to her upbeat personality. Rae always shows her genuine concern for his well-being.
—Alan and Laura

“We can remember being frantic over what we, parents of an ADHD child, felt was an emergency. Rae was always there for us. Our experiences in the medical field reveal that few medical providers possess the understanding that Rae has when dealing with an ADHD child. The above qualities are those that were most important to us. Each ADHD child is different, and other parents may have different priorities with respect to their special child. Rae “customizes” techniques used for each individual. She is creative, patient, calm, and totally professional, and her facilities are state of the art.”
—A Parent

“It is with delight and enthusiasm that I recommend the brainwave therapy services of Rae Tattenbaum and those of Inner Act.

“My son, Stephen (10) began seeing Rae 18 months ago soon after he was diagnosed with ADD. As parents we sought a non medicated solution to his ADD which would help him focus and moderate his energy. Biofeedback offered an opportunity for Stephen to increase his self-control. As a result we have seen an increase in the quality and consistency of his schoolwork.

“Initially, we were apprehensive about Rae’s techniques. But over time, we have found the core weekly brainwave therapy to result in Stephen’s behavior and concentration both at home and at school. Stephen enjoys Rae and her empathy towards him has created a friendship for him.

“Rae has remained sensitive to our beliefs and values while challenging us to consider ways to help Stephen. She has also been a strong advocate for us as we have worked with the school system to help assure Stephen’s success.

“My advice to those considering brainwave therapy: keep an open mind, give it time and trust in the process.  The results are less dramatic and timely than those provided by Ritalin but we feel far better for our child in the long run.”
—Steve Anderson

“Rae is an exceptional person. We have had to deal with a multitude of medical providers for the past 10 years since the time our son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8. Rae stands out where others failed. His previous counselor felt he was unreachable, and advised that he discontinue his sessions. After our son’s trouble with the law, failures in school, and plummeting self esteem, we sought Rae’s help. My son has always felt comfortable speaking with her, knew she was there if he needed her, and, as a matter of fact, looked forward to seeing her. He is convinced the biofeedback, counseling, and other compensatory training motivate him to do better in school.”
—A Parent

“I just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made for my children. My youngest has improved academically each semester since he began working with you. My oldest has realized a change in his impulsive behavior.

“The confidence I see growing in both of them each month is so exciting to me. Personally I appreciate all the support and information you have provided for me.

“There are times it is difficulty to try and pursue the right avenues and you have been there. Thank You.”
—Linda Porter