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The Inner Act program has been used by numerous well-known performance artists. Click here for quotes from several professional opera singers

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Here is a story about a young man suffering from anxiety and ADD – Click here for the McHenry Family Story

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Below are comments from performance-oriented Peak Performance Training participants.

Alison was a high-school student singer when she underwent her first Neurofeedback session with Rae Tattenbaum. Now a college student and beauty-pageant contestant, she recently wrote a letter to Rae in which she discusses the ways in which her treatment has improved her ability to perform. Here’s what she had to say:

“Neurofeedback has helped tremendously with my concentration and focus while I am performing. I am not as distracted by audience stuff (coughing, wiggling, etc.). I am able to create a much more effective fourth wall. It also helped me to be able to sustain the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of an entire piece through to the end.

“Open Focus® was a huge help in opening my jaw and releasing my face while I sing. I can support better because I am more aware of my respiratory space and strength. I create better sound because there is more space in my mouth and I feel the stretch through my whole vocal instrument.

“Guided Imagery makes me feel much more comfortable on stage and in class. I feel safe and protected. As a result, I am able to take bigger creative risks and expose myself to the audience. I am able to connect with them because I feel more connected to myself.”

“L” is a 10 year old boy with ADD and general anxiety. Here is his mother’s comment about how Rae’s caring nature opened the door for change.

“He started seeing Rae and we saw improvement pretty quickly. One thing I noticed and appreciated immediately is that she treated my son as if he was incredibly special and grown-up. With ADD he had gotten accustomed to a lot of adults treating him like a “naughty boy” or unimportant because he didn’t perform well in school. He responded to Rae immediately and felt comfortable talking to her.”

Nancy is a singer and vocal coach. Here’s how Neurofeedback has helped her:

“I was completely stressed out when I started working with Rae. I had chest pains, my heart was pounding almost all the time, and my blood pressure readings were higher and higher with each checkup. My doctor was very concerned with the hypertension, and I was trying various prescription drugs—and nothing was working.
“I’m a singer and vocal coach. The heart pounding was affecting my vocal performance, and for the first time in years I found myself falling apart when I had to perform. My years of being a Type A workaholic had taken their toll, and I had tremendous anxiety about my work. I feared I would not be able to handle all of my responsibilities.
“Now, after a year of Neurofeedback therapy with Rae, I feel like a new person—or, rather, I feel like the real ME! Working with Rae not only changed my life—I think it actually saved my life. The heart pounding was gone within two weeks of therapy. The chest pains were gone after four weeks. My hypertension has stabilized. The racing thoughts, fears, and nagging worries are gone. I am able to accomplish more in less time. I am able to define my priorities and live my life more calmly and rationally. Finally, for the first time in my life, I know what it is to feel peaceful and happy!”

Chris is a student and performer. Here’s a letter from him concerning improvements in his stage presence and his academics:

Dear Rae,

It has been a long and incredible journey working with you. I can only say that is has been a pleasure. From the first day I walked into Suite 300 to the last day I walked out, I have seen myself completely change as a performer. Even better, I find that I have changed as an individual. I think that I have found the inner performer finally coming out of his shell and become a much more honest performer.

Coming in to work with you, I had heard only positive comments. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the more I worked with you, the more open I became. You have nurtured my art in a way that no one else has. After working about three months with you, I had my first performance at my annual school Cabaret. The comments I received after that performance were all positive towards my relaxed comfort and presence on stage, as well as my increased vocal power. It felt so good to see how such a short time did such amazing things.

Even my academics were improved! I had taken the SATs previously before I met you and found that it was very difficult to concentrate for such an extended period of time. After working with you, I took them one last time and found that I was able to concentrate better, had less anxiety and frustrations, and much more confident going in and walking out of the test center. My scores even went up! I was much more attentive in my class lectures and much more involved with the class discussions. Being a high school senior, this only helped me get into college. My grades are the highest they have ever been. I finally made the high honor roll! The best part is that I came to you to prepare for my college auditions and I am CONVINCED that because of my work with you, I was accepted into my top two schools. Both of them were fairly difficult academically as well as artistically to get into. Getting in was such an amazing relief and a wonderful feeling.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the confidence you have given me. I thank you for this ability to open myself up and perform from my heart. I thank you for never giving up on me. I thank you for turning me into the person I have become. You are a truly special woman and I am so blessed to have worked with someone who cares as much as you do.

With much gratitude,

Chris recently followed up with this:

“After my intensive work with you for my college auditions, we parted but never completely. Through our constant connection, I felt as though everything I had learned during my training impacted my life; my artistic ability, my social life, my intelligence.

“Going to college has been exactly what I’ve expected and more. In my acting classes, I feel very present in my body. I take my teacher’s advice and put it to use. Several of my peers have even complimented me on my ability to quickly apply my teacher’s constructive criticism in my scenework.

“Although adjusting to the quick paced New York City environment was quite a shock at first, I very quickly adjusted with your advice and support. I don’t feel very stressed out. And when I do in fact fall into the trap of every college student, stressing out over nothing, I very easily manage my own energy to something more productive.

“I feel much more aware of things, including managing my time and efforts properly, being able to get school work done, and having a very real social life.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you’ve given me. I highly encourage anyone to look into working with Rae because I originally thought my artistic abilities would be harnessed with my work with her. I was pleasantly surprised to see see many other aspects of my life change for the better.”


In a recent Hartford Advocate article, several of Rae’s clients spoke about their success with Inner Act and Neurofeedback:

“I started to see a reduction in the frequency of headaches,” said a 17-year-old woman who had long suffered from debilitating migraines. “I’m not depressed anymore. It’s literally changed my life.”
A 19-year-old woman suffered from severe panic attacks that made it difficult for her even to leave her home. Rae’s treatment, she said, “completely changed my life, actually. Before, in any social situation, I’d be so afraid to talk. Now, I’m not like that anymore.”
And a 20-year-old vocal performance major said that before doing Neurofeedback she was always distracted or anxious on stage. “I can’t stress enough how much it has changed my life completely.”

Lauren is a Theatre major at Boston University:

“I just want to express to you how much I appreciate all of the work we did together and how much it prepared me for the theatre program at Boston University. When I arrived at school and began my classes I was amazed at the number of concepts they were teaching that you had already introduced to me. Many of the comments that my instructors gave me at my conference centered on how willing I was, from day one, to do the work. They also commented on how “present” I was in all of my classes first semester, that they could always feel that I was with them in the room. I realized that I was willing to do the work and be present in class, and had a greater understanding of where my teachers were coming from and what they were teaching, because I was privileged enough to work with you and your Peak Performance program.”

Elizabeth is a New York City film and cabaret artist:

“What I learned from [the intensive] today is that I am not doomed to fail as I had previously thought. It is really easy to feel sorry for yourself but there is no reason to. I always thought that warming up was absolutely necessary in order to get the vocal quality that you were able to help me achieve today. Without warming up we got clear round tones without the hour of warm-up.
“I feel more confident knowing that I can go through a performance without judging it every note along the way. I also have great comfort in knowing that I can go to my safe place, pick up my guide and my former self and make it through the performance. I also learned to concentrate on the story not the delivery. If I tell a great story the delivery will back me up. I am grateful that God brought us together and I look forward to my show now instead of being afraid of it.”

Elizabeth sent a followup letter several months later:

“So much has happened since I last saw you that I felt compelled to contact you. I have been performing regularly and I just have to say thank you. You cured in 2 days 20 years of stage fright. I feel so much more comfortable on stage now and I do not feel the anxiety that I once did…I had a fan come up to me and say “wow, whatever happened to you from the performance on April 30th to the performance on July 5th was well worth it. I was with you on every word. I laughed when you laughed and cried when you cried. I felt every emotion. It was well worth the money and I felt so satisfied.
“I have to again say thank you for giving me back the gift. I feel relaxed and comfortable using it. I am singing better than I ever have before. My vocal coach was blown away when I visited him recently.”

Many health professionals refer their patients to Rae to enhance the healing and wellness process.

“Over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to observe profound changes in patients I have referred for biofeedback training for a wide variety of complaints including hypertension, migraines, attention deficit and pre and post surgical pain management. Tattenbaum’s detailed assessment and treatment protocols are individualized very effectively to the individual’s needs.”
–Sharon A. Vallone, DC, FICCP
“Tattenbaum then introduced me to her Program with a wonderful metaphor: ‘Think of the brain as a gymnasium. When you do my Program, you’re exercising the brain. The more you exercise, the more robust, resilient and flexible the brain will be. Of course, there are many ways to exercise the brain. I’m helping people exercise their brain through the six phases of my Inner Act Program, Neurofeedback, and Coaching.” –Cristina Necula Excerpt from “Inner Power”, “Classical Singer” Magazine, February 2004

Other Comments from clients:

“While preparing for my college auditions, I wanted to run and hide but we worked and worked. You spent countless hours with me doing adversity training and you were able to get me out of my shell. I started singing for myself and I didn’t care what anyone else thought. My auditions went great and I am now at a school where I couldn’t be happier.”
—Anne G.

“Thank you for the miracle you were able to perform on me. Over the past year with your help, I was able to accomplish a performance level that I didn’t think was possible. With your help, Rae, I was able to find my voice. Rae, you are a master craftsman, who gives your patients the tools and knowledge to succeed. I recommend your program highly to all people involved in the arts. In fact, it should be a required class at all performing arts schools. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”
—Donna G.

“My work with Rae has given me the mental focus and calm I needed to succeed in my career. In 2005, I left the corporate world to start a marketing company. Rae helped me to think more clearly under pressure. I saw results after just a few sessions. The training quieted my brain and allowed me to be fully present with clients, to concentrate better when writing strategic plans and to remain flexible when doing design work.”
—Evelyn Laurenzi, Laurenzi Communications
“Emotional balance has been something I have been striving towards. As far back as I can remember anxiety and worry has been a way of life. Now with Rae’s help, my life has begun to shift back into a more “normal” range. I am no longer dealing with the emotional highs and lows that I have had to live with. I am sure as I continue my sessions, my desire to manage my emotions and feel a sense of wellbeing will continue to emerge.”
—Julia Kneeland
“As a child, my daughter Suzanne was delayed in her walking, speaking and her fine motor skills. Later, she was diagnosed with having ADHD. She falls under the umbrella of autism. Elementary school was a nightmare. Some school officials questioned whether she would be able to learn in a public school environment. She was prescribed every medication that was available to treat ADHD. The side effects were so bad, she had to be taken off the medication.
“The medical and school system basically gave up on her. I didn’t. I did my research and discovered how biofeedback had helped people with ADHD. I found Inner Act and Rae started treating Suzanne. There were some improvement immediately and some improvement took some time. Suzanne began to improve academically and socially. She graduated this year with a high B average and won several academic awards. She is now attending college. She is studying metaphysics and psychology. She wants to be a transpersonal psychologist. I would strongly recommend biofeedback as a complimentary treatment of ADHD and autism. It helped my daughter to find success. For that I will always be grateful.”
—Shari Johnson